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The media called him “Black Ahab” and his adventures made him an Oakland hero. He was one of the most powerful men of color in California—but there’s a complicated side to his story that’s rarely discussed. This episode weaves together histories of slavery, whaling and a flood of African American seamen into 19th century Bay Area to explore William Shorey’s rise to the top of a bloody, brutal industry. 

This episode features an interview with Prof. Kevin Dawson, UC Merced Associate Professor of History.

Read more: “California’s Only Black Whaling Captain, William Shorey, Lived in Oakland” [East Bay Express]

This is what the Shorey House at 1782 8th St. in West Oakland looked like as of 2016. It is an official Oakland Historic Landmark. [Photo: Liam O’Donoghue]

California’s only black whaling captain

William Shorey’s journey from sailor to celebrity
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