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Oakland has been an epicenter of minors engaged in the sex trade for a long time. A recent OPD scandal put a spotlight on this crisis, but failed to illuminate the roots of the problem. This episode features four women with an intimate knowledge of this history – and explores an often overlooked factor for why there are so many underage girls out there on Oakland’s “track.”

For more information on Banteay Srei, the program featured in this episode, visit: https://www.banteaysrei.org/

Additional background information: “In Oakland, Redefining Sex Trade Workers as Abuse Victims” (New York Times, May 23, 2011)

Elizabeth Sy, the founder of Banteay Srei, with her mother circa 1990 and circa 2000.
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“Celeste Guap is not the first”

A history of sexual abuse, the OPD, and a refugee community
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