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Why did BART come “within a gnat’s eyelash” of being derailed by voters before the first track had ever been laid? How did Berkeley force BART to go underground? What’s the deal with BART managers getting busted by FBI sting operations? All these questions and many more are answered in this week’s episode, which was recorded live at the Oakland Public Library on October 9, 2019.

Michael Healy, who was BART’s spokesperson for 32 years and wrote “The Dramatic History of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System” (Heyday), shares an insider’s look at the many triumphs, setbacks, and controversies that BART has faced since its mid-20th century inception. Listen now to hear the wide-ranging interview and audience Q&A. (Special thanks to Katie McMurran for recording this event. If you missed it, the Oakland Heritage Alliance will be hosting Mike Healy’s next presentation on November 21.)

Thank you to Dorothy Lazard of the Oakland History Room for organizing this event. History month continues on October 16 with a presentation by Moriah Ulinskas about the Oakland Redevelopment Agency. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)

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Mike Healy explaining his decision to turn down a cross-promotional campaign involving Bart Simpson back in 1989. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)
My favorite part of the night was asking Mike about this conspiracy theory. His answer almost made my head explode. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)
Look at how much fun this crowd is having! If you want to attend future East Bay Yesterday events, sign up for my newsletter. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)
Rebecca Saltzman, the vice president of BART’s Board of Directors, asking why it’s taken so long to get transit-oriented housing development around BART stations. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)
Mike Healy signing copies of his book for transit fans after the Q&A. (Photo: Oakland Public Library / Douglas Zimmerman)

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