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The style, music and politics of the East Bay have had a major influence on hip-hop since even before the very first rap album dropped. Photojournalist Eric Arnold recently mapped out the most important locations of this history in the “Hip Hop Atlas of The Bay,” part of the Oakland Museum’s exhibition: “RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom.” In this episode, Arnold shares stories about the Oakland dance trends that laid the groundwork for “b-boy” culture, how Too Short changed the music industry and much more.

The Oakland Museum’s hip hop exhibition is now closed, but you can read more about it here: museumca.org/exhibit/respect-hip-hop-style-wisdom

Display at OMCA’s “RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom” exhibit, 2018.
[Photo: Liam O’Donoghue]

“It’s in the DNA of hip-hop”

Tracing the local roots of a musical movement
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