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The East Bay’s KKK started by burning crosses in the hills, and they quickly captured power in City Hall. This movement didn’t last long—their rise and fall all happened around the time of the 1920s. But they did make an impact that changed Oakland forever. The kind of impact that Trump could have on America.

This episode features an interview with Professor Chris Rhomberg, author of “No There There: Race, Class, and Political Community in Oakland.”

More on this topic: The Sinister, Evil KKK in Oakland Once Ruled City Hall (East Bay Express, Feb 21, 2017; Liam O’Donoghue)

KKK rally in Berkeley’s Tilden Park, circa 1924. [Photo courtesy of Gary Mills]

The rise and fall of the Oakland Ku Klux Klan

"They didn’t need to hide anymore"
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