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Four decades after the U.S. government incarcerated nearly 120,000 Japanese-Americans, long-hidden evidence revealed that the reason behind the mass imprisonment was a lie. This episode explores how the discovery a “smoking gun” report led to Oakland native Fred Korematsu re-opening his World War II-era Supreme Court case. Korematu’s lawyer, Dale Minami, shares how lessons learned from this “civil rights disaster” can help prevent another injustice of this magnitude—or worse.

PS: I wrote this article for the Bello Collective about another podcast that did a terrible job covering the topic of Japanese-American mass incarceration: “Radiolab’s ‘More Perfect’ Flunks a Key History Lesson”

Fred Korematu’s grave in Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery is often surrounded by tributes in his honor. (Photo: Liam O’Donoghue)

“They knew it was a lie”

Exposing the cover-up behind Japanese-American mass incarceration
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