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The quickest way to start a dance party in the Bay Area is to play a Mac Dre song. Countless times, I’ve seen mellow crowds instantly transform as soon as the first few beats from hyphy hits like “Feelin’ Myself” and “Thizzle Dance” come blasting out of the speakers. Everyone from little kids to grandmas knows how to bust the lyrics, the dance moves, and, of course, the thizz face. In the 17 years since his death, the Oakland-born, Vallejo-raised rapper’s popularity only continues to grow.

Since his 2004 murder in Kansas City, rumors, accusations, and retaliatory violence have swirled around the unsolved case. Although nobody has ever been charged for the crime, investigative journalist Donald Morrison recently published an investigation that draws on 1,200 documents and dozens of interviews in order to fill in some of the missing puzzle pieces. Nothing will bring back the “Legend of the Bay,” but this article provides some stunning new clues that may help shed light on the devastating question: “Who killed Mac Dre?

Listen to the interview with Donald Morrison at Apple, SoundCloud, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts. Read the full article at Passion of the Weiss.

One of the many Mac Dre tribute murals found throughout the Bay Area. This piece was painted by Amend TDK near the corner of 5th Ave. and East 18th St. in Oakland. [Photo credit: Oakland Wiki / Oakland Mofo]. The mural at the top of the page, located near the corner of Foothill and High St, was painted by Chez. [Photo credit: Liam O’Donoghue]

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“Who ordered the hit?”

Investigating Mac Dre’s tragic murder
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