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[Note: This is not hosted by East Bay Yesterday. I just like to share news about other organization’s local history news and events]

Southeast Berkeley’s Historic Willard Neighborhood
Saturday, March 23 @ 10 a.m.
Leader: Ron Sipherd
Start: Regent & Russell Streets
Join in the fun on this easy and leisurely Southside tour of the Willard neighborhood and beyond. Ron, a local history expert, will share the lore and landmarks that make this area recognition-worthy. Expect some surprises, from the spot where Isadora Duncan once danced to the home of the only person known to have built a scale model of the UC campus out of potatoes. Well-behaved dogs on leashes permitted.

For more information, check out the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

Walking tour: Berkeley’s Historic Willard Neighborhood

Event organizer: Berkeley Path Wanderers Association
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