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East Bay Yesterday in the news


New York Times: The end of the Warriors as we know them

Boing Boing: Children’s Fairyland, the mid-century storybook theme park that inspired Walt Disney and where Frank Oz got his start


San Francisco Chronicle: Learn about Oakland’s economic divide today by peering into the past

East Bay Express: Mapping history with Long Lost Oakland

The California Report: A time-traveling map for rapidly changing Oakland

East Bay Times: Amateur historian creates map of Long Lost Oakland

SF Gate: An Oakland that’s no longer there: Lost landmarks and what’s there now

Hoodline: Long Lost Oakland maps the city’s past

Berkeley Oral History Center newsletter: “A Conversation with East Bay Yesterday podcast host, Liam O’Donoghue”

East Bay Express: Best of the Bay Editor’s Pick – “Best Journalist-Turned-Historian”

East Bay Express: Untangling myths and legends

A Tale of Two Cities podcast: Where are you from?

Oakland Public Library’s Long Lost Oakland event: Photo gallery


Berkeleyside: East Bay Yesterday brings local history to headphones

The E-Ville Eye: East Bay Yesterday podcast capturing and stoking interest in local history

Shaping SF public talk: Local history in your ear (panel discussion)

Stories by Liam O’Donoghue


Open Space: Yelping Oakland’s past


Bello Collective: Radiolab’s More Perfect flunks a key history lesson  

Bello Collective: Podcasts could spark a new golden age of investigative journalism

Berkeleyside: How a little-known Berkeley groups sparked the 1960s student movement

Snap Judgement: Quake City Hero


East Bay Express: Berkeley is the original Sanctuary City

East Bay Express: California’s only Black whaling captain, William Shorey, lived in Oakland

East Bay Express: Oakland’s most iconic tree is named after a socialist firebrand

East Bay Express: The sinister, evil KKK in Oakland once ruled City Hall

East Bay Express: Sugar Pie DeSanto’s delicious soul

East Bay Express: The Albany Cross resurrects memories of the KKK

Hoodline: OMCA Dorothea Lange Photo Exhibit: ‘She Was Always Willing To Take On Anything’

KALW-FM: “I believe in the elders.” The collected wisdom of Pendarvis Harshaw

KQED Arts: ‘Evolutionary Blues’ resurrects West Oakland’s musical legacy

2016 and earlier

Mother Jones: Talking with Shepard Fairey, the pop-art provocateur of Andre the Giant and Obama poster fame

Salon:”They really don’t want this out”: The biggest Iraq War scandal that nobody’s talking about

Salon: “Every president has been manipulated by national security officials”: David Talbot exposes America’s “deep state”

Salon: “It’s like a guided hallucination”: John Vaillant on making the switch from journalism to fiction

Salon: Don’t call it gentrification

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