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The new episode of my radio show on KPFA-FM features an interview with Peter Cole, author of “Dockworker Power: Race and Activism in Durban and the San Francisco Bay Area.” Professor Cole’s book focuses on the history of ILWU’s Local 10, the union well-know for many protests at the Port of Oakland and beyond, so we discuss strikes, automation, the anti-apartheid movement and much more. The first segment of this episode features a previously released podcast, so if you want to jump to the interview with Peter Cole, it starts around the 34:30 mark.

The first coordinated work stoppage in the United States to protest South African apartheid. Image from 1962 edition of ILWU’s Dispatcher newsletter. [Courtesy of ILWU archives]
1985 anti-apartheid protest at UC Berkeley featuring ILWU banner.
[Courtesy of ILWU Archives]
“Local 10 arguably contributed more to the U.S. anti-apartheid movement than any other union.” -Peter Cole

…and speaking of the waterfront history, I’m going to be leading a series of tours this spring and summer on the topic and here’s the fun part: the tours will be on a boat! That’s right, we’ll be cruising from the Emeryville marina out to Yerba Buena Island, up through the Oakland estuary and around Alameda. For more details and a link to tickets, click here: http://eastbayyesterday.com/journey-through-centuries-of-waterfront-history/

The impact of “Dockworker Power” well beyond the waterfront

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